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Search Engine Optimisation

Become THE apex predator of Google's search results

Serious question:
What’s the first thing you do when you need to:


Learn about something?
Find a location?
Purchase a product online?
Read product reviews?
Confirm the correct spelling of similar for the hundredth time. No, just us?


You Google it, right?
Just like 92% of other internet users.


In-fact, there are 5.6 billion, with a B, Google searches each and every day. That’s 63,000 every second!


And which result do you normally click?


The first one?

Maybe the second?

Perhaps the 3rd?


Those top 3 organic results win about 75% of clicks.


Imagine if you were the apex predator of the search results.


Your website sitting up in those first 3 spots.


At the top of the food chain, without competition.


A search term in your niche with 50,000 monthly searches.
That’s 37,500 new potential visitors, leads and customers. Monthly.


From just a single search term!


What would it mean for your business to be sitting within those top 3 results for multiple search terms, like our average SEO client?


These AROAR clients have ferociously scaled their business by doing exactly that

Through our 3 phase search engine optimisation process, we’ve been able to help multiple brands dominate the first page results of Google for their target keywords.

Industry: Health & Fitness

$113k generated for a brand new fitness business

Launched in January 2020, we helped this new fitness brand grow from a clean slate. Growing to 5,000 monthly high purchase intent organic visitors and over $11k in new monthly revenue.


24k New Users
Regular content based backlink building led to the acquisition of 24,000 new users in just under 11 months.


7.8% Conversion Rate
We worked with their internal team to build conversion focused SEO landing pages based on target keywords.

Industry: Food & Beverage - E-commerce

200% traffic increase for a national food brand

We helped this online wine brand grow from 5,000 monthly organic visitors to 15,000 monthly organic visitors in just 5 months and a 125% increase after just 1 month of steady link building.


$400k In New Revenue
Over 400k new revenue generated from organic traffic in in just 8 months of content based backlink building.


$15k MRR
Over 200 new monthly subscriptions generated via organic search that equates to just over $15,000 in monthly recurring revenue.

Industry: Professional Services

700% growth for a professional services brand

We kicked off our SEO campaign in June 2020 for this financial services provider and had to perform a deep dive and clean of their backlink profile due to a previously engaged underperforming SEO provider.


$40k New Revenue
$40,000 in new revenue was achieved from organic traffic over a 4 months period after repairing and building their link profile. This represented an ROI of over 300%.


11k Email Signups
Just over 45,000 new users landed on the website via organic search. A little more than 11,000 signed up to the brands online newsletter and email list.


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