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A bespoke marketing audit that helps you scale your business through actionable advice & strategies.

The Details

This is what your marketing audit includes

A Complete View

As a full-service agency we focus on your entire digital presence. Our audits encompass everything from social media and SEO to site speed and conversion rate optimisation.

Personalised Overview Video

Is the idea of reading through an audit and report a little daunting? We agree. Each of our audits are accompanied by a quick overview video to run you through the important stuff.

Quick Wins

While we'll be detailed in the report we send back to you, we'll also create a rapid fire list of where your easiest wins are to generate more traffic and acquire new customers.

Let's create your audit

After submitting the below form, we’ll be in touch within 24 hours to confirm that we’ve received your request. We may also need to confirm additional information prior to kicking off your free audit.


Keep in mind that we don’t use any templates or generic reports. As these are bespoke audits, it takes our team up to 5 business days to complete each one.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is my marketing audit really free?

    Our marketing audit is completely free of charge. It is valued at around $2,500 based on the time and effort it takes our team to create each audit and video.


    Am I obligated to take up a marketing service with AROAR?

    Not at all.
    Of course we’d love to welcome you and help grow your business, but by claiming our free marketing audit there is no obligation to become an AROAR client.


    When will you complete my audit?

    It takes us between 3-5 business days to complete the average audit. But please be mindful that it may take longer during busy periods.